Frequently asked questions

Can I place an order for a later date?

Yes, the online ordering system allows you to effectively schedule your delivery by letting you choose your time. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, next week, or months from now, gives you the flexibility for all your meal planning.

What if I have a special request for my order?

For every item on a restaurants’ menu, our ordering system gives you the opportunity to add “Special Instructions”. This will ensure the restaurant you order from prepares your meal with the attention it requires. Please be aware that some restaurants do not allow substitutions.

Can I order beverages as well as food? offers a variety of beverages when you order.

What do I do about tipping a driver?

The drivers in Massachusetts do not receive any portion of the delivery fee, so please be generous in tipping your driver. You can add a tip to the total cost of your delivery order when you check out. The tip goes directly to your driver.

Who do I contact for customer service?

Please see our Contact Us page for your local customer service number.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate online?

When you are ready to enter your payment method on the checkout page, you will have the opportunity to enter the Gift Certificate code. The amount will be deducted from your order total, and any remaining balance can be paid with Credit Card.

How do I redeem a promotional code?

When you are ready to enter your payment method on the checkout page, you will have the opportunity to enter the promotion code. The amount will be deducted from your order total.

Do I need to be a registered user to order?

No, you do not need to be a registered user with to place an order. Registering provides benefits such as exclusive offers and promotions, Fast Reorder, order history, real-time reporting, budgetary controls, and streamlined ordering and billing for companies.

What is Fast Reorder?

For registered users, DiningIn offers the ability to reorder your prior meals with the click of a button. To begin a Fast Reorder, Sign In to your account to access your Order History and Reorder options.

What are the benefits of setting up a corporate account?

A corporate account with allows for companies to cut costs by enhancing expense control and reducing administrative overhead associated with ordering, billing and reimbursement processes. To learn more about our programs, view our Business Advantage page.

How do I set up an account for my company?

Contact to speak directly with a member of our team.

Can I change my information after I register for an account?

Yes, you can modify your information at any point after registering with by clicking on the “My Account” page after you are signed in.

Can I change my corporate account information?

If your company has an account with, only the administrator of the account can change corporate account information by choosing the “Corporate Account” located on “My Account” page. For further questions, please contact your dedicated sales representative or our customer service department.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club.

Who receives the delivery fee?

In every state except Massachusetts the drivers receive a portion of the delivery fee. However, they rely on tips as a substantial portion of their income. In Massachusetts, the drivers are paid an hourly wage and therefore do not receive a portion of the delivery fee. We again ask that you tip all of our drivers generously, as you would a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. The drivers receive 100% of the tips that you give them.

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